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Custom-made UGC for your brand or business

We create high-performing UGC videos optimized for paid social media ads fast and simple. Done for you.


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Buy Custom UGC content
Buy Custom UGC content
Buy Custom UGC content
Buy Custom UGC content

How it works

We search our creator library for creators that fit your brand best.

You ship your product to approved creators & they create multiple videos for you.

We edit and polish this content for paid ads resulting in hyper-performing creatives.

“Creatives have become one of the most critical factors for the success of online marketing campaigns. We have developed a system and network of experienced content creators to offer your business up to 90 custom pieces of UGC per month.”

Oscar Schnell, Founder & Director

Why Schnell Global?

We’re sick and tired of agencies selling you pixie dust and fairy tales. Choose an agency that helps you profit.

How we operate:

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Fair Pricing

Transparency and fairness are at the top of our core values. We have a deep belief in our quality and performance.

Testing: 1-10 videos

199€ per Video

Launching: 10-50 videos

174€ per Video

Scaling: 50+ videos

149€ per Video

Case Study

3.4 ROAS for men's clothing store in first month

Case Study

$223.747 at 3.3 ROAS only using Snapchat Ads


Generally, user-generated content is media that is created by the customers or users, and not by the company. We create videos in an user-generated content style, since it has been shown to improve conversions significantly.

There are many reasons why Brands prefer UGC over studio content. Some of these benefits are:

  • UGC has shown to increase conversion, since it seems more authentic to the consumer.
  • UGC performs well on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram reels.
  • UGC generally performs better on paid ads such as Facebook and TikTok Ads.
  • UGC is cheaper compared to studio content.
  • UGC content can be created faster than traditional content.

After you’ve sent your products to the creators, we deliver a Creative Idea Pitch a short time later. Here we describe the basic idea for the videos that we will shoot with our creators.

We then take care of shooting the videos together with our creators. When everything is in the can, we cut and edit the video material.

We deliver all videos for inspection on the agreed deadline. Depending on the package, revisions can now be discussed.

Every video includes at least one revision. If you don’t like the first video, we will submit a new version of the video. So that it doesn’t get that far in the first place, there is a prior discussion of the video idea and the expected content.

Our service is always paid for in advance. We send our customers an invoice for this. You can pay either with card directly on our website or via wire transfer. The video shoots will start upon receipt of payment.

Usually you have the first finished creatives after about 1-2 weeks. However, this depends on how specific the product is, how quickly the creators jump in, and how long it takes you to ship the packages. Once the creators have your product and you want to order more videos, the process is much faster.